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Chances are if you’ve been a member of our surgery for a while, you’ve met our Hygienist, but the question is, are you seeing our Hygienist on a regular basis? You see as well as regular check-ups with Will or Sinem, you really should be seeing our Hygienist as well and you can see the Hygienist even if you haven’t had a check up for a while.

Good dental hygiene and healthy gums are the foundation for a healthy mouth.

Here we’ll give you the reasons why you should the Hygienist more often.

  1. Prevent Gum Disease.
    Gum disease causes many problems, bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth. Regular visits to the hygienist can prevent gum disease getting worse and can help you with better oral hygiene stopping gum disease in the very early stages before it becomes a real problem.
  2. Help Stop Bad Breath.
    Bad breath is usually caused by a dental condition, the odour can be caused by bacteria under the gum line, regular visits to the hygienist can ensure that this isn’t a problem by cleaning where brushing alone can’t do.
  3. Make You Smile More.
    If your mouth feels clean, you feel good, likewise if your breath is fresh, you’ll happily chat to people. And when you feel good, you’re more likely to smile. People that smoke or to drink red wine, may have discoloured teeth, the Hygienist can help keep your teeth clean.
  4. Detect Potential Dental Problems.
    Most dental problems when detected early can be reversed, such as gum disease. The first sign for most people of a dental problem is when they feel pain or discomfort and in some cases this might result in dental treatments, such as fillings, roots canal work or even extraction. Visiting the hygienist regularly can help spot potential problems. Saving you unnecessary discomfort, dental treatment and more importantly money.
  5. Help Clean Those Hard To Reach Spots.
    We all have one spot that’s hard to reach, in the back of our mouths and most likely that’s where some bacteria will be hiding, our Hygienist can give those areas a good clean and give you tips on how to take care of them yourself.

The Hygienist when visited regularly is relatively pain free experience. We recommend you see the Hygienist twice a year.

We recommend that you follow three simple steps to help keep your teeth and gums healthy:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks
  • Visit us regularly at the surgery, so we can spot any potential problems.

So if you haven’t seen the Hygienist for a while, why not make an appointment. 

Our Hygienist is available Tuesday and Wednesday, simply call the surgery on (0121) 236-760, or why not request an appointment by using the form below.

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