Dr Will Murphy - Clinical Director, BDS MFGDP(UK), DimplmpDent RCS (Eng)

Dentist Myths

Dental TreatmentsSurgery Life
Dental TreatmentsSurgery Life

Dentists are a bit like Priests. People tend to go into ‘confession mode’ when they come into the surgery, if we haven’t seen them for a while, they tell us everything. Grown men can become a nervous wreck, unsure of what’s about to happen. So I’ve decided to put together a few of the most common things we hear when people come to see us and to explore the myths that people have about us and hopefully reassure you that we just want to see you and a little more often!

You’re going to tell me off!

We hear this one a lot. We understand there are many reasons why people don’t go to the dentist, some of which we will touch on here but no, we’re not going to tell you off, if we haven’t seen you for a while. Believe it or not, we’re pleased to see you! Try not to wait till you’re in pain, to come and see us.

It’s going to hurt

Dental treatment should never be painful. If there’s any risk of pain or discomfort then we will give you anaesthesia to numb the jaw and the tooth area. You may be aware that we are tinkering with your teeth while we carry out the treatment but there should definitely be no pain.

I have a fear of the dentist

Now this one upsets us a little bit! Most people have a fear of the dentist that can be traced back to something that happened as a child. We’ve come a long way since then, we want you to come see us and we realise it can be a daunting experience but if there’s anything we can do to help, sometimes just telling us why you have the fear can really help and can help us treat you more comfortably.

Did you know that you can watch TV whilst you in the surgery? Watch TV or listen to music as we treat you,  it helps relax you, which means you can be treated quicker and not spend so much time in the chair.

I won’t be in control

You are in total control, we know it can be uncomfortable, so at any time we can pause for a moment. Just raise your hand.

I can’t afford it

We understand that dental work like everything else needs to be budgeted for. We believe that a great smile is priceless. That’s why we’re part of Denplan, making dental work more affordable. Having regular check ups and seeing the hygienist will prevent conditions getting worse and requiring more treatment. This will both keep the cost down and more importantly keep you smiling.

For our larger treatment plans, such as cosmetic work or dental implants, you can even spread the cost monthly at 0% finance. Call us now on 0121 2367630 where our front desk team can advise you on our fees and dental plans.

So there you have it. We recommend you come see us every 6 months so we can check your oral health and check up on your teeth. Don’t forget, brush twice a day, floss between your teeth and cut down on sugary foods!

If we haven’t seen you for a while, come see us, we’ll be pleased to see you! (and no, we won’t tell you off!)


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